Screenshot Tips and Tricks for Mac and Windows

Taking Screenshots on your own Mac or Windows computer is very simple. On Windows, all you have to do is press the Print Screen key and you have a complete screenshot of everything on your own screen. On the Mac, press Command + Shift + 3 and you get exactly the same. There are some more complicated instructions for taking the keyboard shortcut of Command, although different kinds of Mac screenshots Cmd + Shift + 3 is all you need.

But what if you need more? Better arrange them? Need to unite them before you share them or make basic image edits? This can be where a screenshot that is dedicated tool or app comes in quite handy. Below are some of the very best ones that you can download and use.

Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool fits into an ideal niche for many users. It comes with Windows 7 and later and is free. For those who don’t desire high powered screen capture tools, the basic functionality of Snipping Tool enables you to get individual windows, the whole screen, or user-defined capture regions. Snipping Tool even offers editing functions that are incredibly basic, like the ability to highlight and write on your own screen captures. It lacks the advanced features included in other screen capture tools, but it does a terrific job filling the gap between the frustrating Print Screen and Paste fashion screen capture in much more complex applications and earlier versions of Windows. Snipping Tool is a sound choice should you’ve already got it on your own system and your screen capture needs are minimal.

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture lives up to the quick in its name; this application is lightweight and extremely receptive. Within the tiny user interface is a screen recording workhorse, although it doesn’t have an interface that is large. FastStone Capture can record regions multiple windows, and multilevel menus. It’s possible for you to set it send them by e-mail to automatically upload screenshots to an FTP server, or embed them into Power Point presentation or a Word. In addition, this flexible tool carries a basic but very powerful screencasting software which supports sound input signal. FastStone Capture could be set to automatically prompt your for a caption with preset options, helping to make mass-making screenshots a snap. Another little but helpful feature is the integrated color picker for colour that is easy sampling.


Jing is the spartan baby brother of another screenshot application, Snagit, each of which are products made by software company TechSmith. Jing fills a niche in the screen capture crowd, allowing people who would like to share their screen captures to do so as fast as you can. Once you’ve set it up, going from getting a screenshot or screencast to sharing the URL for your hosted file takes a matter of seconds. Jing has basic annotation tools, but the true draw is speedy sharing.


Skitch is a screen capture tool in exactly the same vein as Jing. Skitch the application is closely tied to, the screen capture hosting website. Your screen is captured by Skitch, annotates it, draws with swanky graphics on it, and is as easy as saving it for your desktop when you’re ready, sharing it online. In the event you don’t need to use to share your screenshots, you can just as easily use your own FTP, Flickr, or .Mac account. The interface of Skitch is especially user friendly; nearly all the editing functions are laid out in a ring all around your screen capture, which makes it easy to discover the tool you’re looking for.


Snagit is far taken from the classic Print Screen school of screen captures as possible. Snagit can help you catch frames from video and capture both still images. You are able to get your whole screen or regions of it, and thanks to some profile system that is robust, you are able to create profiles for all manner of capture techniques. You desire every screen capture to be automatically uploaded into a server or whether you only want to build following a menu is activated, a screen capture, you are able to make a Snagit profile to meet your goal. In addition to the highly customizable feature set, Snagit offers a built in editor for adding effects that are basic and annotating your screenshots. Snagit also has the capacity to easily capture images from items which can be larger in relation to the screen.

Wonderful Screenshot

Wonderful Screenshot for Chrome and Firefox is a browser-based extension that may record a selected element of a website, the portion visible in the browser window or even the entirety of the page in one go. Wonderful Screenshot contains a built in editor for blurring graphics and for adding annotations, shapes and pointers. In addition, it has options for keyboard shortcuts that are customizable. Images can be saved in .JPG or .PNG formats to a predetermined directory, or to Awesome Screenshot’s free cloud storage space.


Screenshots uploaded to several social media sites or could be saved in a variety of formats. With Fireshot’s internal editor you are able to add arrows, shapes or text, or draw on the image. Also, you can place your favorite external image editor to mechanically open when you take screencaps.

Nimbus Screenshot

Another good browser-based option is Nimbus Screenshot, accessible as a Windows desktop application, and on Chrome, Firefox. Images saved to clipboard or your drive might be printed out, or uploaded to cloud storage services for easy sharing.

Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is a pretty feature-packed bit of freeware using a number of screen capture alternatives and a built in editing software. Users can take captures from the entire screen, active window, a selected area, or perhaps pull images from a scanner. From there, you are able to crop, rotate, blur, annotate, and implement other effects that are special. The app is also accessible an install- mobile variant that is free. Screenshot Captor is freeware, though you’ll need to sign up to the forum for a totally free license key of DonationCoder.


PicPick is an all-in-one screen capture and image editing application available free for private use. PicPick permits snapping a select window the whole screen or an area of the screen. It carries a pixel ruler, protractor and crosshairs for easy selection. A built in editor lets you add text annotations and arrows, shapes, as well as employ edits that are complex. Screencaps shared to social media, opened in an external editor, or may be saved to a file. Also, PicPick is a mobile application which can be held in a flash drive without requiring setup to plug and play everywhere.


Till wanted Lightshot is just another tool that lives primarily in your system tray. Only hit up a hotkey, and also the program will require a screencap of a selection, or the entire desktop. The app notes, comes with a mini editor for adding annotations and highlights, that exists just in the edge of the selection panel. Also, users can produce a complimentary account in order to upload their screencaps to, providing an online gallery for easy reference, link sharing and online back-up.


Greenshot is image editor and a lightweight screenshot capture application which comes with numerous suitable integrations and a built in image editor for annotations, obfuscating and highlighting sections of your screenshot. Otherwise, Greenshot sits in your system tray, where you could access and configure its settings.


MangoApps’ TinyTake is a versatile all-in-one image manipulation application, video recorder, and screen capture tool. Users can record entire windows or regions of the screen either as still photos, or as videos (with support for webcams), then annotate the resulting video or image with arrows, shapes, text, and special effects with the built in editor. You may also only use Tinytake to edit existing media files in your local storage. Images could be stored in an online cloud gallery for sharing and quick accessibility. The complimentary version is limited to 5 minute-long video captures, a 2GB online storage cap, and is advertising-supported, using a number of subscription plans adding storage and additional attributes, too as removing advertising.



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