Homeschool, Batman and Monkeys

Today when I logged into WordPress, it had the following suggestions for searching through the “billions” of posts on

Homeschool, Batman, Monkeys

I thought that was an interesting combination. I’m trying to think of a scenario where those three would fit together. In my case it’s relevant because I was homeschooled, I love The Batman, and who doesn’t love Monkeys?

In totally unrelated news, I found a few alternatives to Couchtuner recently so that I could keep watching/streaming my favorite tv shows and movies while traveling abroad.

I should catch up on the Batman movies. I guess I mean re-watch because I have seen them all before.


Minecraft Maps Make the Game More Fun

Minecraft maps are custom created worlds that players create and save within the Minecraft game. They more often than not entail a quest to move from one point to a different, following certain restrictions.

As a result, great Minecraft maps can be anything ranging from an excellent role playing expedition that immerses a player right into a great storyline to an interesting puzzle map that puts to the test your problem solving skills.

The maps just present endless possibilities, the sole limitation probably being your imagination. Astonishingly, everyone can create incredibly unique worlds below is a comprehensive guide about how to install Minecraft and create excellent custom maps that are exceptional. Some people spend a lot of their free time creating highly detailed Minecraft maps.


Have you ever played Minecraft? It’s an insanely popular game that sells 10,000 copies per day!

Minecraft maps are custom created worlds that are saved within Minecraft games. They will have never-ending possibilities from playing adventure giving you a chance to try various activities that range, to resolution puzzle maps that examine your problem solving skills among other activities. The only real limiting factor as it pertains to these maps can be your personal imagination – you share with everyone and can produce your own Minecraft universe within these maps. Would you want to know the best way to play with these games? Then you certainly may want to attempt Minecraft venture maps, if you’re the adventurous sort. Let’s learn!


The Minecraft PC version is Java-based, and you also could play on Linux any Mac or Windows machine provided you’ve software and installed appropriate hardware. This game is sophisticated, while Minecraft appears to be simple, beneath the surface. The procedural formation of the game and in-game physics requires beefy hardware. As a result, the variation has a lengthy demo that its designers highly recommend using purchasing to establish in case your personal computer has everything it requires to love experience that is Minecraft.

Start with registering for an account totally free and play with the devil or to purchasing a replica of the sport, go directly. Signing up is fairly simple; you only provide a valid email and also a password(which you create). A verification e-mail from your programmer prompts one to confirm your email. On clicking on the confirmation link, it takes one to the next phase of the sign up procedure: purchasing the game and setting up a username.

Now proceed to download and install the game.

OK, Let’s Make Some Maps

Create the landscape; there are several methods to making a wonderful picture including;

World Edit, a portion of the SPC (Single Player Commands) mod gives you the ability to change and form the terrain from in the game. It, nonetheless, requires some quantity of studying curve.

Another product that’s an oldie but a goodie is MC Edit (short, of course, for Minecraft Editor). It’s a little clunky, but it’s a free open source software that enables you to upgrade your current world. It has several fundamental features such as the ability to utilize some MC edit attributes to execute an array of things.

Voxel Sniper is a very powerful instrument when terraforming your world you could use. This system isn’t just versatile but also serves as a great compliment to World Edit.



Creating Minecraft Adventure Maps

These adventure maps supply one with experiences that are more about fighting, researching and finding out new things. They may be more about puzzles, traps and secrets which you have to be conscious of before beginning the match. Moreover, you must set and follow rules and specific settings concerning the game as a way to ensure you do n’t break any rules when you begin playing.

However, the good news about this map is the fact that a few are made to support multiplayers. In the event that you like business while playing, Minecraft venture maps are certain to get your needs taken care of.

Tips about developing a good Minecraft adventure map

In case you would like to produce a successful and good map, you need certainly to do the following.

Keep it interesting by being creative since people are interested by initial, creative new gameplay features such as for example creatures, manager fights amongst others.

Ensure that you examine your map before you release it out there. Have a couple folks test it for you since even the slightest error can screw up the entire map.

To get more downloads; ensure that the builds and your map comes with an appealing landscape along with the terraforming look excellent.

By adding particles more custom sounds and unique abilities, customize your map.

Make a plausible start for example by explaining why you set out -the-world adventure. Additionally, ensure that you’ve got a well thought out ending that doesn’t sound overly cliché.

The best way to play with Minecraft maps

Would you know the best way to play with these games? Well, it’s easy! You need to follow these steps if you should be utilizing an android device for example;

First download and install a file manager that supports archive files. This file manager will enable you to extract map files and copy them to your Minecraft folder afterwards.

Then download the map file and make certain that it is for Minecraft PE and never for the computer version. In addition, ensure the map you’ve downloaded fits the PE variant you’ve got.

By tapping on it, open the downloaded map archive. This will definitely show the information of the zip empowering one to see a folder that has a name.

From your menu, select copy. This option will copy the folder letting you paste it everywhere you favor.

In precisely the same place you found the download folder, navigate the games folder on your own foundation directory.

Next, open the folder named com.mojang and then proceed and open the minecraftworlds folder.

Next, press and hold a spot that is clean and then choose paste substitute for paste the new map folder onto the folder that is minecraftsworlds.

Now you’ve got a fresh game. Begin the Minecraft PE that you created earlier on and select the map that is new. This map will be listed on your saved games. Open it, play and revel in the game!



Playing with Minecraft Parkour Maps

Parkour is usually used in user maps, together with on servers in a variety of competitions. The goal of parkour is to jump on blocks to the end of the parkour route.

New maps on a lot of fan sites you will get for Parkour in Minecraft. There is also a thorough description of every map. Visit just proven sites using a large audience, where presence of files is minimal.

Although Parkour in Minecraft is not actually quite popular, there are various maps of various levels of complexity, and players compete among themselves who’ll pass the map. There are maps on which you can set an alternate level of difficulty, as well as there are several paths from the simplest ones to the most difficult ones.

In addition to various levels of problem, the themes of parkour maps are completely distinct. You climb and can leap in rainforests mountains, pirate ships, tall towers, and skyscrapers. There are, of course, amounts and with a simple design. If you have some issues Walkthroughs of some maps is found on YouTube.

Anteroom. A reception is a room when the player appears on the first visit to a map. In the reception, there are typically a couple of tables that indicate the creator and his contacts, map rules of the card as well as in some instances desirable graphics settings. Sometimes in a lobby are chests with food, weapons plus some other things necessary for satisfying the map.

Soaring blocks. With them, you have to get to your own goal. For additional difficulties are used ice blocks, or gratings, glass panels (as grids), stairs, fences and cobblestone walls.

Slime and water blocks. Your autumn, water softens, and lava, on the contrary, kills you. A slime block is used for high jumps as well as for absorbing damage from falling.

Sand of spirits. A player impedes. A player will probably be even more slowed down in the event that you set ice under the sand of spirits.

Cactus. You are required to jump on Cacti’ tops quickly, since by contact with all the cactus every half -second, 1 life point is lost. They may also be utilized in a mixture with powerful water flows.

Checkpoints. They may be generally symbolized as water blocked with a piston: it activates the lever along with the water pours down when a player jumps on this type of mechanism. He can climb up the stream of water, and never beginning all over again in case a player falls. Additionally a checkpoint could be signified in the kind of a command block that sets player’s renaissance point at certain coordinates.

Room that is final. It isn’t present on all maps. This room player enters after finishing the map. Normally, you can discover a reward here.

To complete a parkour map you have to conquer most of the obstacles in your course. To get this done you have to train yourself to leap farther and quicker. Some professionals play with parkour maps .

Begin playing parkour maps that are light and after a while, you’ll be capable of complete ones that are more difficult. We recommend that you to download a map where are several routes with different complexity are represented in a one time.

Screenshot Tips and Tricks for Mac and Windows

Taking Screenshots on your own Mac or Windows computer is very simple. On Windows, all you have to do is press the Print Screen key and you have a complete screenshot of everything on your own screen. On the Mac, press Command + Shift + 3 and you get exactly the same. There are some more complicated instructions for taking the keyboard shortcut of Command, although different kinds of Mac screenshots Cmd + Shift + 3 is all you need.

But what if you need more? Better arrange them? Need to unite them before you share them or make basic image edits? This can be where a screenshot that is dedicated tool or app comes in quite handy. Below are some of the very best ones that you can download and use.

Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool fits into an ideal niche for many users. It comes with Windows 7 and later and is free. For those who don’t desire high powered screen capture tools, the basic functionality of Snipping Tool enables you to get individual windows, the whole screen, or user-defined capture regions. Snipping Tool even offers editing functions that are incredibly basic, like the ability to highlight and write on your own screen captures. It lacks the advanced features included in other screen capture tools, but it does a terrific job filling the gap between the frustrating Print Screen and Paste fashion screen capture in much more complex applications and earlier versions of Windows. Snipping Tool is a sound choice should you’ve already got it on your own system and your screen capture needs are minimal.

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture lives up to the quick in its name; this application is lightweight and extremely receptive. Within the tiny user interface is a screen recording workhorse, although it doesn’t have an interface that is large. FastStone Capture can record regions multiple windows, and multilevel menus. It’s possible for you to set it send them by e-mail to automatically upload screenshots to an FTP server, or embed them into Power Point presentation or a Word. In addition, this flexible tool carries a basic but very powerful screencasting software which supports sound input signal. FastStone Capture could be set to automatically prompt your for a caption with preset options, helping to make mass-making screenshots a snap. Another little but helpful feature is the integrated color picker for colour that is easy sampling.


Jing is the spartan baby brother of another screenshot application, Snagit, each of which are products made by software company TechSmith. Jing fills a niche in the screen capture crowd, allowing people who would like to share their screen captures to do so as fast as you can. Once you’ve set it up, going from getting a screenshot or screencast to sharing the URL for your hosted file takes a matter of seconds. Jing has basic annotation tools, but the true draw is speedy sharing.


Skitch is a screen capture tool in exactly the same vein as Jing. Skitch the application is closely tied to, the screen capture hosting website. Your screen is captured by Skitch, annotates it, draws with swanky graphics on it, and is as easy as saving it for your desktop when you’re ready, sharing it online. In the event you don’t need to use to share your screenshots, you can just as easily use your own FTP, Flickr, or .Mac account. The interface of Skitch is especially user friendly; nearly all the editing functions are laid out in a ring all around your screen capture, which makes it easy to discover the tool you’re looking for.


Snagit is far taken from the classic Print Screen school of screen captures as possible. Snagit can help you catch frames from video and capture both still images. You are able to get your whole screen or regions of it, and thanks to some profile system that is robust, you are able to create profiles for all manner of capture techniques. You desire every screen capture to be automatically uploaded into a server or whether you only want to build following a menu is activated, a screen capture, you are able to make a Snagit profile to meet your goal. In addition to the highly customizable feature set, Snagit offers a built in editor for adding effects that are basic and annotating your screenshots. Snagit also has the capacity to easily capture images from items which can be larger in relation to the screen.

Wonderful Screenshot

Wonderful Screenshot for Chrome and Firefox is a browser-based extension that may record a selected element of a website, the portion visible in the browser window or even the entirety of the page in one go. Wonderful Screenshot contains a built in editor for blurring graphics and for adding annotations, shapes and pointers. In addition, it has options for keyboard shortcuts that are customizable. Images can be saved in .JPG or .PNG formats to a predetermined directory, or to Awesome Screenshot’s free cloud storage space.


Screenshots uploaded to several social media sites or could be saved in a variety of formats. With Fireshot’s internal editor you are able to add arrows, shapes or text, or draw on the image. Also, you can place your favorite external image editor to mechanically open when you take screencaps.

Nimbus Screenshot

Another good browser-based option is Nimbus Screenshot, accessible as a Windows desktop application, and on Chrome, Firefox. Images saved to clipboard or your drive might be printed out, or uploaded to cloud storage services for easy sharing.

Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is a pretty feature-packed bit of freeware using a number of screen capture alternatives and a built in editing software. Users can take captures from the entire screen, active window, a selected area, or perhaps pull images from a scanner. From there, you are able to crop, rotate, blur, annotate, and implement other effects that are special. The app is also accessible an install- mobile variant that is free. Screenshot Captor is freeware, though you’ll need to sign up to the forum for a totally free license key of DonationCoder.


PicPick is an all-in-one screen capture and image editing application available free for private use. PicPick permits snapping a select window the whole screen or an area of the screen. It carries a pixel ruler, protractor and crosshairs for easy selection. A built in editor lets you add text annotations and arrows, shapes, as well as employ edits that are complex. Screencaps shared to social media, opened in an external editor, or may be saved to a file. Also, PicPick is a mobile application which can be held in a flash drive without requiring setup to plug and play everywhere.


Till wanted Lightshot is just another tool that lives primarily in your system tray. Only hit up a hotkey, and also the program will require a screencap of a selection, or the entire desktop. The app notes, comes with a mini editor for adding annotations and highlights, that exists just in the edge of the selection panel. Also, users can produce a complimentary account in order to upload their screencaps to, providing an online gallery for easy reference, link sharing and online back-up.


Greenshot is image editor and a lightweight screenshot capture application which comes with numerous suitable integrations and a built in image editor for annotations, obfuscating and highlighting sections of your screenshot. Otherwise, Greenshot sits in your system tray, where you could access and configure its settings.


MangoApps’ TinyTake is a versatile all-in-one image manipulation application, video recorder, and screen capture tool. Users can record entire windows or regions of the screen either as still photos, or as videos (with support for webcams), then annotate the resulting video or image with arrows, shapes, text, and special effects with the built in editor. You may also only use Tinytake to edit existing media files in your local storage. Images could be stored in an online cloud gallery for sharing and quick accessibility. The complimentary version is limited to 5 minute-long video captures, a 2GB online storage cap, and is advertising-supported, using a number of subscription plans adding storage and additional attributes, too as removing advertising.


Game Theory – An Introduction

Games are more significant than you think.

What’s your favorite game? Can it be a computer game or a board game? Perhaps you have stopped to consider how many games there are, and how often we play with them?

You’re likely acquainted with games like chess or Angry Birds, but what about gamification games?

Gamification means using games to get folks or solve issues. It’s prevalent, and it can be very useful.

The annual McDonald’s Monopoly game is an example of gamification. Customers are rewarded every time they purchase food or drinks. To get more pieces that are hidden and complete a set, they need to order meals that are larger or visit with more divisions.

By leveraging behavioral economics and design Gamification works. Only think about all the scenarios where points accumulate, where accomplishments are represented by badges, we are given a status by amounts, and leaderboards and scoreboards show how we compare with others.

Afterward there are grand challenges, which aim to solve particular issues. They offer prizes to the winners and ’re typically publicized. Occasionally they can lead to great discoveries or inventions. In reality, a grand challenge resulted in the establishment of our system of longitude in 1714.

Gamification provides excellent opportunities for companies and other organizations. It can even be essential for them.

Games can allow you to invigorate your brand, participate with customers and raise profits – only like the McDonald’s Monopoly. They are able to also inspire innovation and creativity within your firm.

The main thing that makes games essential, however, is their ubiquity. A study by TNS Global found that over 60 percent of people in the Western world regularly play with video or computer games. This is even more true for young people: about 70 percent of young children and toddlers play with them!

So if you need to link with people in our modern world, you’ve got to do it through means which you know will hook them in: games.

Common Cards in Clash Royale Rule

Everyone in Clash Royale seems to be focused on the Legendary Cards, like the upcoming Electro Wizard. Not me. I really enjoy playing decks with just Commons and Rares. No Elites. No Legendaries. Here is my current “go-to” deck that’s carrying me through the final arena.

  • Giant
  • Musketeer
  • Bomber
  • Spear Goblins
  • Rocket
  • Arrows
  • Valkyrie
  • Barbarians

The thing about Commons is that they’re easy and cheap to level up.

Here is a little more in-depth to several of the best common cards in the game.


The Archers are unlocked from the Training Camp (Tutorial). It spawns two single- moderate, target-ranged Archers with moderate hitpoints and damage that is low.

An Archers card costs 3 Elixir to deploy. They wield a bow and bear an aqua-blue/red (color depends on side of Arena) cape and an emerald green dress.

Archers are successful at supporting high hitpoint troops, like Giants. They can be used efficiently to counter low hitpoint troops like Minions, Spear Goblins, and Goblins. Put properly and with assistance from Crown Towers, they can additionally counter somewhat higher hitpoint cards just like the Mini P.E.K.K.A.

Archers might be countered with the defensive support of the player’s Crown Towers and also low hitpoint troops. Wait for the Archers to come to the player’s territory, then spawn low hitpoint troops to divert them. The Ice Spirit is excellent with this, as it survives one or two shots from your Archers, and suspends them, making them freeze in place for just 1 Elixir.

When facing a Baby Dragon it is possible to carve the Archers so when the Baby Dragon is targeting the first Archer, the quick Baby Dragon will enter the next Archer’s aggro range permitting the next Archer to target the Baby Dragon from a safer space, shutting it down. This technique also works using a Mini P.E.K.K.A.

Combined with the Zap, they can easily eliminate a Minion Horde, which may usually survive a Zap. Nevertheless, Spear Goblins really are a much better option for that as they result in a elixir advantage.

They can be similar to Spear Goblins since both are affordable ranged troops, but Archers have somewhat better stats in every manner except for 1 extra Elixir, for speed and quantity. As a result of Archers’ health and damage, they are better suited than Spear Goblins for defense. For example, Archers can survive one hit from your Baby Dragon, which allows for more damage.

Bomber (used in my deck!)

The Bomber is unlocked from the Training Camp (Tutorial). It’s an area damage, medium-ranged troop with damage that is average and low hitpoints. 3 is cost Elixir to deploy by a Bomber card.

The Bomber’s look looks similar to that of a Skeleton, the exceptions being that it carries a black bomb and wears a blue/red (colour depends upon the side of the Arena) cap with gold-rimmed pilots’ goggles.

The Bomber may be used as a defensive troop, having the ability to take Skeleton Army Skeletons, Goblins, and Spear Goblins out more efficiently than most other cards. Barbarians and archers take multiple hits for the Bomber to eliminate, so when engaging these targets with the Bomber, be sure to supply protection just like a Knight or a Giant.

It is also useful to protect high hitpoint troops against hordes of low health ground enemies, e.g protecting Giants against an opposing Skeleton Army. He has to be taken care of and if your Bomber is on his own, the player can execute a fast-drop to dispose with Goblins and Guards.

To do an instant drop, the Skeletons card must be selected by the player and pull them where they want them to go without releasing their finger. Then, the Goblins card must be selected by them by tapping on it. Ultimately, they need to drop the Skeletons first the Goblins. The Bomber will kill the Skeletons as well as the Goblins will take him out. Note that it is likely to perform a fast-drop with any two units while following this formula.

The Bomber cannot attack air units, making it vulnerable against Minions and flying troops. But when utilizing the Bomber the player can set protective troops such as the Baby Dragon or the Giant.

As a troop that was really light, the Bomber can be virtually shoved by nearly every other troop in the match. Particularly, Spear Goblins can shove the Bomber at their rate. Together they could engage targets of their range that is cozy, making for a fast ranged point- splash and target damage copy to your other troops over the river, or perhaps a fast and little Arena Tower push.

For only three Elixir, the Bomber deals solid damage per degree and is one of the cheapest counters to Barbarians due to his range. In reality, it takes a Bomber only three throws to kill same level Barbarians.

Though it has low hitpoints, it really is competent to live Arrows of a similar amount. Consequently, using any other spell as squandering a Lightning or Fireball Charm to damage a Bomber ends in an Elixir advantage for the opposition is a waste of elixir. The player must use either damage that is high or air troops / high troops that are hitpoint. He can be countered by the Log, nonetheless.

The Bomber can be utilized to take out reasonable hitpoint troops like Mini P.E.K.K.A.s if deployed correctly.

The Bomber is interchangeable with Wizard, according to the player’s preference and tactics.. The Bomber has a larger splash radius as opposed to Wizard, making him a more appropriate alternative to destroy hordes of ground troops. Nevertheless, he has less hitpoints and cannot assault air troops.


The Goblins are unlocked in the Goblin Stadium (Arena 1). It spawns three quick, melee Goblins with medium damage and low hit points and it costs 2 Elixir to deploy.

Goblins are powerful as a distraction for high damage single target troops, including the Prince and Mini P.E.K.K.A., offensively and defensively.

Wait for him to start charging when using it against Prince. Then, deploy Goblins diagonal to the centre facing him. This will probably not be unable to soak up the damage and also make it so that he must go an extended distance. Be sure when the Prince is near the tower that you deploy the Goblins. Otherwise, it’s going to start charging again, leading to a waste of Elixir.

They can be used as a damage dealing troop behind high hit point troops such as Golem, Giant Skeleton and the Giant. Several even the pair, a group of Barbarians, or Goblins set behind a Valkyrie can easily shove these slow moving high hit points troops right into the adversary’s Crown Tower. This blend has more than enough damage to kill the tower ahead of the tank troops are conquered, if not countered.

For merely two Elixir, significant DPS is added by the Goblins card to a player assault, or may be used on the opposite end to protect against an opponent’s assault. If given enough time, they are able to dispose of threats like Golem, a Giant, or tank that is similar. As there are only three of them, the Goblins will likely want some help, though.

Their damage and speed can induce an opposing player to make use of Elixir on quitting a group of Goblins. Goblins have low hit points so that they are easily killed by charms, for example The Log, Arrows, and Zap, taking under consideration the charms’ little duration to project, to lead the charms’ impact point.

An unsupported and un-countered group of Goblins will figure out how to acquire a single hit on the opposing Crown Tower of exactly the same degree. That is a very elixir-saving method of finishing off a low-wellbeing tower, assuming if they are ignored by your opponent, or the enemy doesn’t have the elixir and/or the troops to counter it.

With perfect time, you can encompass a splash damage troop just like the Wizard with the support of the tower with the Goblins. This provides you with an Elixir advantage to counterattack.

Goblins certainly are a cheap way to deal high harm to building -targeting troops, such as for example Hog or Giant Rider. Goblins can shove a Mini P.E.K.K.A., Barbarians or a Valkyrie if set behind them.

They certainly are a potential substitute in their opinion, and are quite much like Skeletons, offering stats that are better in every way but for 1 added Elixir. The Miner will act as a tank while the Goblins do most of the damage when combined using a Miner. This strategy is extremely affordable, fast, versatile, and certainly will be played frequently, surprising your opponent. For 5 Elixir, it could be damaging and extremely useful.

They could be used to great effect with the Hog Rider, by dropping them right next to him without defenses deflected him, and pushing him to the side of the Stadium. He continues straight for the tower, along with the Goblins can do major harm to the tower or the defense. This really is known as a “pig push”.

They may be the perfect counter for slow, feeble, or single -target components just like the Ice Wizard and Witch as they will demand too long to kill the Goblins and so will probably be overwhelmed.

Goblins can take the Princess to get a positive elixir business out if she is unprotected by the enemy troops.

Spear Goblins (used in my deck)

The Spear Goblins are unlocked in the Goblin Stadium (Arena 1). It spawns three single- objective, medium -ranged Goblins with very low and hitpoints damage. A Spear Goblins card costs 2 Elixir to deploy.

They resemble the normal Goblins, but are not shorter and thinner, have sharper elven ears and a six-pack, wear a blue/red bandana, have a spear-instance tied to their backs with a rope, and always have a wooden spear in their own hands. They share their outfit with Goblins.

Spear Goblins can be a good relief to higher hitpoints troops including the Giant.

If reflected behind a tank, Spear Goblins will supply protection (6 Spear Goblins will take out single-unit glass cannons or Minion Horde effectively) and also a strong push for the cost of 5 Elixir; if coupled together with the less expensive tanks for example Giant or Balloon, this is going to result in a near instant increase of just one Crown. This strategy continues to be very vulnerable of spawning troops between its support and the tank to the approach.

They may be used effectively to take down air troops including the Minions, Balloons, and Baby Dragons when they’re diverted. However, if the Spear Goblins are next to the tower, the Baby Dragon will take them out readily with 1 or 2 of its dab attacks with respect to the degree of the Baby or Goblins Dragon.

Spear Goblins really are an adequate defense for Towers against enemy air and earth Cards. As with other low hitpoint cards, the Spear Goblins can be readily removed by charms and troops that cope area damage, for example the Bomber along with Arrows.

The Zap is extremely powerful to remove fighting Spear Goblins, because of the enchantment’s identical Elixir cost of TWO. But, the player should really be careful about when they use their Zap, as the adversary send cards where the Zap would have been more appropriately used, such as for example a Goblin Barrel or Minions and may take advantage of this.

Because of the low Elixir cost, Spear Goblins are often disposable and can be utilized to block an enemy Prince’s charge. Spear Goblins may also be a more affordable alternative to the Archers.

The Spear Goblins are best used with high hitpoint troops set in front of those in association. For only two Elixir, the Spear Goblins may add high DPS and are not as vulnerable to splash damage when supported behind a tank as the Goblins for their range.

They are easily able to deal high injury to the opponent’s tower if Spear Goblins have anything in front of these. This can be not bad because most players are not willing to counter the Spear Goblins by themselves, allowing for rapid damage.

Spear Goblins are powerful as lures, air troop destroyers, or tower whittlers, nevertheless they truly are not powerful when used on offense. Spear Goblins are extremely similar to Archers in just about all stats, but Archers cost 1 more Elixir and are marginally better in every way (except speed and variety of troops spawned). When paired with all the Zap, for instance, they can easily defeat a Minion Horde.

Spear Goblins with the aid of Crown Towers can in fact take a Prince out. They should place the Spear Goblins 4 tiles to the facility and 3 tiles upward. When the Prince assaults the Spear Goblins the 2nd Crown Tower may also damage the Prince, taking him out.


Andrew Johnson and Wounded Knee

Today is the anniversary of Andrew Johnson’s birth. He became President after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. He had a rocky relationship with Congress and was impeached by the House of Representatives. He was later acquitted by the Senate.

After his term as President ended, he tried to re-enter public office but had very little luck. He finally won a seat in the US Senate and began serving as a Senator from Tennessee on March 4, 1875. Unfortunately, he died just four months into his term on July 31 of that same year.

Today is also the anniversary of the Wounded Knee Massacre. In 1890, over 200 Native Americans were killed at the hands of the United States Seventh Cavalry. It took place at Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota.

The US Government was trying to suppress a religious practice of the Native Americans known as the Ghost Dance. This called for a messiah who would make the white man disappear and restore Native American rule to the plains. After Chief Sitting Bull died on December 15, tensions flared higher, and the result was the massacre on December 29.

Clash Royale Troops Guide

I really like Supercell’s Clash Royale and the key to the game is knowing all about the different troops in the game. Here is a brief run-down of everything you need to know to play the game successfully.

Arrows – These currently counter groups of little troops. Not a ton to say about it, but it is been among typically the most popular cards in the game due to how versatile it really is since the soft start. Great against princess, goblin barrel, and minion horde.

Musketeer – I see lots of people do this, but do not place her. You are better off taking the tower damage than giving 4 elixir. Musketeer is maybe the best troop counter against princess, outranges a cannon (great for punishing someone playing defensively), and does lots of standalone damage. She is great by herself both offensively and defensively, so she synergizes with everything. Weak against any damage troop that is high and lightning you’ll be able to place on top of it.

Valkyrie – Does damage in a place around her. It is possible to drop her right in the centre of a bunch of squishy troops (spear goblins, skeletons, etc) or between a witch and her skeletons. Great with great and freeze against troops that are small in general.

Freeze – That is not bad against any large group of troops that would do damage to you personally. It goes well with balloon, hog, or any damage that is high low well-being troops like goblins.

Elixir Collector – This trades 5 elixir now for 7 elixir later (assuming it does not take damage). That is more important than it seems, because it allows for some pricey push combinations that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. For placement, I think your first should forever at the center of the map.

Skeleton – High damage, super low cost, super low health. Much the same to goblins. They’ve absurdly high damage for their elixir price if you can keep them living, making them very great against to utilize with halt or hog pushes. Weak against splash damage.

PEKKA – There is a tooltip in Conflict of Clans that says that HER armor is too heavy to get launched from a spring snare. Valk, great against double prince, golem. Weak against small troops and inferno. It’s also worth noting that at lower levels (I think cutoff is around player amount 11) she can not 1 shot barbs which makes them HARD counter her.

Knight – If it gets dismissed affordable tank, astonishingly great damage to tower. This really is a very good card to drop on squishy ranged troops as they cross the river (witch, musketeer, bomber). Good for split pushes, an economical front line, or defense. Weak against air and in the present meta barbs seem to be less unpopular.

Fireball – Good defensively or offensively because you can very easily hit multiple targets. I really do not think because most of what it can 1 shot will perish to arrows for more economical this card is really great for the present meta,. It’s fantastic against 3 musketeers, barbs (they will live but your tower will 1 shot them all), huts, and minion horde.

Witch – She does splash damage and summons skeletons in front of her. Good defensively, especially against things like prince drives or skeleton military. By dropping damn near anything on her as she crosses the river countered.

Good against any single target troops miniature pekka, like PEKKA, prince, etc. Countered any form of splash like bomber or witch.

Baby Dragon – Good vs ill put spear goblins (kills them all in 1 shot) or minion swarm (needs to be placed in front of them so he does not get beaten up during the deployment time)

Archers – Hits air, great standalone damage to tower, lots of range. Also for spreading troops out vs hog a good economical alternative / balloon or freeze freeze. Mostly countered by position (like dropping goblins immediately on top of them).

Mini PEKKA – Damage that is high, lowish well-being, single target. That is actually for countering hog with freeze or useful. It’s also a great card to split push with because if dismissed it’s going to take out their tower.

Bomber – Affordable, high splash damage, does not hit air. You will be in risk against air although great to put behind a golem. Hard counter to any little troops and barbs.

Giant – Tanky and just goes for buildings. Good to place as a front line for any form of high damage troops that are squishy. Also good for drawing tower fire before you throw a goblin barrel in.

Prince – Very high single target damage. Do not drop anything squishy directly! Could be a alternative that is great defensively to handle troops like the hog subsequently shove challenging. Weak like skeletons against groups of troops that are small.

Goblins – Similar in gameplay to skeletons. Also worth noting that they’re a bit better at higher amount as a result of towers requiring 3 shots to kill them (as opposed to 2 at tournament degrees). High damage, low well-being, low cost.

Cheap, ranged, and they hit on air. Good if you are attempting to keep your elixir price down if you are fighting against great and air. Decent to send in behind any troops that are tanky.

Goblin Hut – Spawns spear goblins and is for setting up to push good. Because it is extremely challenging to push into this can work defensively. Countered by shoving on the opposite lane – additionally vulnerable to spells hitting at the hut tower.

Greatest when the tower is somehow distracted, countered by arrows or partly countered by dropping troops nearby to kill them fast.

Lightning – Good againts 3 musketeers, assembling based decks, baby dragon, musketeer, sorcerer.

Minion – Damage air that is high, low health. Since air ca n’t be reach by lots of troops can be useful. Also great in decks that utilize lots of little components (like goblin barrel). Countered by zap, sorcerer, or any dash.

Bomb Tower – Can’t hit air but is really great against clumps of earth troops. It’s not bad against hut decks, barbs, witch, etc. Countered by air and lightning.

Tombstone – The skeletons can help a bit for making pushes with pricey single target troops like prince or PEKKA or for shoving on a lane near hopeless.

Balloon – Due to being air, this troop is really about being pulled toward the middle 1 square sensitive than hog,.

Giant Skeleton – That is great for countering guys who perpetrate to all in strikes on you, particularly from moderate health units that can lose most of the HP in the blast (musketeer, valk, double prince, etc).

Barbarians – If you play these in the middle of the map you’re able to split them into a 2×2 attack driving your opponent to either counter both sides or take a bunch of damage.

Cannon – Hits earth and is a really low cost building selection for dragging hog or balloon from the tower. This card can get more value from disrupting than it does from the genuine cannon fire pathing if played right.

I do not think they have to be played together, although normally played with Goblin hit as part of a gimmick deck.

Rocket – Maximum crown tower damage charm in the game.

Rage – This seems to be best used within a slow push (hut decks, PEKKA or golem starting from your back, elixir collector up). They are likely going all in with their elixir if your opponent plays with this.

Minion Horde – What a steal! If you are using these against arrows play them defensively.

The dash is not bad against troops that are small and the slow is not bad against everything. Because the slow is enough to let your tower get in lots of extra shots can be useful against balloon.

Tesla – This can be frozen by you before it pops up to prevent it messing with hog/balloon pathing. A little more pricey than cannon but it hits on air. Time spells for your attack helps with this as you go in.

Magician – He can devastate a minion horde that is whole in 1 shot with the right timing. Greatest against best and little units placed behind something tanky.

Mirror – Lets you play exactly the same card twice for 1 extra elixir. If you are going to use this you should be playing a card that’s difficult to counter because you are overpaying to begin with.

Poison – Good against little troops. Also a good alternative although so far in the game it appears to happen to be beamed by freeze, to play with hog.

Mortar – 4 elixir siege unit. Plays similar to Xbow but you’ve more options to defend because it is more economical. Plays well with anything that can defend it (inferno, tesla, minion horde, barbs, cannon).

Golem – The tank of all tanks. By putting him in front of double prince pushes it’s possible for you to use him,.

Royal Giant – Frankly, I’ve never seen this used effectively and in my own opinion it is because it is an unit that was really badly designed. Who needs their tank in the back? I hear it works well against mortar, but I’ve never seen it used effectively. By just pushing random buttons in your telephone countered.

3 Musketeers – This really isn’t as laughable of an unit as people make it out to be. If your adversary does not have the right troops up to defend against this (for example, if they merely played hog freeze) they are going to be in huge trouble.

Princess – Has long enough range to shoot from the bridge. She deals splash, which makes her difficult counter goblins and minions. Arrows counters up her until level 5.

He also deals splash damage, which makes him a great nominee in front of the prince.

Zap – Damage that is a bit less than arrows but has a stun. Useful against skeleton horde, minions (particularly for the decks that attempt to force you to waste arrows), and the stun is useful against just about everything. The chief complaint seems to be that it can not 1 shot minions, so spear goblins tends to go in these decks.

Inferno – Hard counter to PEKKA and golem. It will win against a single prince for the same elixir price and can be useful simply to have presence in the centre of the map (drawing troops into the “kill zone”).