Reality Tv Island Launches On Poptropica

At this time there is a entirely wonderful island that was recently revealed on Poptropica named Reality TV island. It is for members only, so everyone will have to be a paid member to participate in it which is really too bad. Any individual who is not a paid customer needs to wait around until March 24 to play the brand new island. If you’re not a member you will be able to nevertheless enjoy many of the walkthrough videos on the Web which show the correct way to do everything to solve the island. This new island is really quite distinct from the various other islands like Astro-Knights and Counterfeit. There are two distinct parts to this island that play entirely differently. The first part takes place in a town that is really obsessed with reality TV and a famous reality TV star that came from the town. Once you solve this part which is very quick and only takes about five minutes, you can compete on the show. The reality TV show is a lot like the show Survivor where you first compete in an event. If you win, you get immunity but if you lose, you could be voted off the island and you’ll have to start all over. If you win the whole contest then you get the medallion and beat the island. A nice thing about this island is that you may replay the season if perhaps you lose and there are quite a lot of different events to play in so it’s different each time.


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